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IP 2

The regional and objective protection can be extended even after the first application has been filed.

Priority – It is possible to submit National, European or International applications within a priority period of 12 months (patents, utilities) and 6 months (trademarks, designs), respectively, following the filing date of a first application. The prior art relevant for the subsequent application will then be no more than the prior art relevant for the first application.

Protection of artistic works may avail of the following monopoly rights.

Copyright – Copyright grants the creator of a literary, scientific or artistic work an exclusive right of exploitation. Especially computer programs are covered by copyright. The copyright arises with the creation of the work and shall expire 70 years after the author’s death before it will be publicly available.

In addition to the above monopoly rights there is further protection of goods and services.

Unfair Competition – The Law against Unfair Competition protects goods and services as such against their imitation through deception, exploitation of reputation or dishonestly obtaining necessary knowledge about such goods and services. In particular, a reference to well-known trademarks or slogans is held unfair – and may simultaneously establish a trademark infringement.