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IP 3

An exploitation of inventions and their rights is usually governed by private law agreements.

Research and Development Agreement – A Research and Development Agreement governs the cooperation between parties, which usually pursue a joint research and development goal under aspects of costs, capacities or knowledge. Especially, potential rights to inventions are governed, which may arise in the course of cooperation.

Know-How Agreement – A Know-How Agreement governs the transfer of – otherwise kept secret – technical knowledge between parties. This typically relates to information, which is required for producing a product in a certain quality. The product may also be covered by a technical property right on which a license is granted.

License Agreement – A License Agreement governs the right of third parties to exploit an Intellectual Property right such as a patent, a utility model, a trademark or a design against royalties. The extent of the exploitation rights is defined in view of substantial, regional and temporal aspects. It can be an exclusive or non-exclusive License Agreement, the royalty rate being fixed, dependent on revenues or dependent on sold pieces.